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Research Articles

Professional and Ethical Issues in Semantic Web PDF
Pankaj Kumar, Ajay Kumar Singh pp. 1-4
Migrating Process and Virtual Machine in the Cloud: Load Balancing and Security Perspectives PDF
Varsha P. Patil, G. A. Patil pp. 11-19
New Generation Networks Architecture between H.323 and SIP Protocol PDF
Anshuman Srivastava, Kumud Sharma pp. 34-41
Comparative Analysis of Trends of Cyber Crime Laws in USA and India PDF
Rajlakshmi Wagh pp. 42-50
Analysis and Evaluation of NLP Training Effectiveness PDF
Abha Purohit, Chiranjiv Kumar Kantiya pp. 68-77
Analysis of Different Methods for Measuring the Performance of Database on Cloud Environment PDF
Akrati Sharma, Sanjiv Sharma pp. 83-100
A Study of Scheduling Algorithms to Maintain Small Overflow Probability in Cellular Networks with a Single Cell PDF
Nagarajan B., Venkatesan G., Santhosh Kumar C. pp. 78-82
Comparison of Back Propagation, Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), Attention-Based LSTM Neural Networks Application in Futures Market of China using R Programming PDF
Wang Shuangao, Liu Yi, Rajchandar Padmanaban, Mohamed Shamsudeen, Subalakshmi R pp. 101-114

Review Articles

Password Authentication System (PAS) for Cloud Environment PDF
Bhavana A., Alekhya V., Deepak K., Sreenivas V. pp. 29-33
Computer Crimes: Factors of Cybercriminal Activities PDF
Okechukwu Wori pp. 51-67

Case Study/ Case Report

Performance Analysis of Database on Different Cloud Computing Environments PDF
Gaurav Sharma pp. 5-10
Use of Internet Resources in University BDT College of Engineering Davanagere: A Study PDF
M. S. Lohar, Nasreen Banu pp. 20-28

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