Migrating Process and Virtual Machine in the Cloud: Load Balancing and Security Perspectives

Varsha P. Patil, G. A. Patil


For the purpose of load balancing, migration of VM instances or processes in cloud environment is quite useful. However, the live migration of VM is insecure. There is necessity of incorporating encryption and authentication mechanisms during migration process. An attempt is made to secure live migration of virtual machine and running processes from one machine to another. In this system, the virtual machine migration has been carried out by considering load balancing parameters like memory usage, disk usage, CPU usage, network bandwidth and total number of processes. CentOS with Xen virtualization package and python script is used for live migration of VM from one physical host to another. This paper highlights on secure live migration of VM using RSA with SSL protocol. Process migration has been handled with MOSIX software and tools.


Live Migration, Process Migration, VM, Xen, Load Balancing, Encryption, SSL, MOSIX

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