Analysis of Different Methods for Measuring the Performance of Database on Cloud Environment

Akrati Sharma, Sanjiv Sharma


Cloud computing become most adoptable technology over the past few years, it is widespread for both at organizational level or for the person who use the services that are offered in the cloud. There are several technocrats currently researched on cloud related issues and soon cloud represents the modern computing. The cloud gave the prospect for the enterprise and allowing them to center on their work by providing hardware and software solution without developing them own. Now a day the database has also moved to cloud computing so we will look into the fine points of database as a service and it’s servicing. While storing data on cloud there is a need to balance the load on datacenters because if user base always sends request on single data center then it becomes overloaded so load balancing techniques are applied to manage this problem. To manage geographic distribution in terms of computing servers and data workloads a tool termed as CloudAnalyst is used which is based on cloudsim technique. CloudAnalyst helps developers with the vision of distributing applications among cloud infrastructures. Currently tool having three algorithms for load balancing round robin, throttled load balancer, equally spread current execution and the proposed algorithm is weighted round robin which works better as comparison to round robin in various aspects.


Data Center; User Base; CloudSim; CloudAnalyst; Load Balancing; Round Robin; Throttled Load Balancer; Equally Spread Current Execution; Weighted Round Robin

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