Analysis and Evaluation of NLP Training Effectiveness

Abha Purohit, Chiranjiv Kumar Kantiya


The main objective of this paper is to analyze and evaluate NLP training effectiveness in terms of efficiency, behavior and perception of trainees who have undergone NLP training course of different levels at various places of India from different trainers and evaluate their response on the basis of questionnaire filled by them after the training. NLP Stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and it consists of series of techniques and well tested methods to achieve success satisfaction and excellence in life in your core domain. The basic assumption of NLP is that if someone can do you can also and this technique is called modeling. NLP assumes that actual impact of an event in life is just 10% and 90% is the ways we respond, handle and use our resources on the happening of that event. So if you want to take control of your life take your reactions in control by changing mindset. Analyzing the feedback questionnaire of 530 participants who have undergone NLP training course it is clearly visible that more than 75% (Pie charts of individual question attached) of participants agree that NLP training can really act as a catalyst and as a tool for positive transformation and rapport building, increasing efficiency of an individual, managing thoughts, moods, and behavior and for overcoming depression. NLP can also be used for changing perception and broaden thinking horizon. NLP can also be used in goal setting and defining life purpose. The feedback also states that NLP may help in decision making, conflict management and the statement ‘Words can change Minds’ appears true. The analysis also gives a signal that NLP can increase efficiency of individual and organization moreover people agree that NLP education should be given at school level itself. Corporate employees, working professional and housewives should undergo NLP training to look at things with a different mindset to get different results. The evaluation also indicates that Lemay be used as a relationship building tool that can improve relationship like Husband/Wife, Employer/employee, Parent/child and Teacher/Student. The paper is a study of 530 participants who have undergone training from various parts of India. Further scientific evaluation is also proposed to test the validity of results and reach at a concrete decision.


NLP Training Effectiveness; Communication; Perception; Behavior

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