Volume 2 (Year 2013)

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Research Articles

Development of a Methodology to Estimate Biomass from Tree Height Using Airborne Digital Image PDF
J. Jenitha Ferdinent, Raj Chandar Padmanaban pp. 49-58
Morphometric Analysis of Tandava River Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India PDF
G. Ashenafi Tolessa, P. Jagadeeswara Rao, N. Victor Babu pp. 59-69
Assessment of Spatial Distribution of Rural Crime Mapping in India: A GIS Perspective PDF
Thangavelu A, Sathyaraj S. R., Balasubramanian S. pp. 70-85
Forest Fire Risk Zonation Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology in Kansrao Forest Range of Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand, India PDF
Tahir Malik, Ghulam Rabbani, Majid Farooq pp. 86-95
Geospatial Techniques Based Assessment of Groundwater Recharge Site Suitability PDF
Nemika Kumari, Akhouri Pramod Krishna pp. 96-109
Hyper Spectral Measurements as a Method for Potato Crop Characterization PDF
Mohamed Aboelghar, Sayed Arafat, Eslam Farag pp. 122-129
Comparison of MLC and FCM Techniques with Satellite Imagery in A Part of Narmada River Basin of Madhya Pradesh, India PDF
Arun Mondal, Deepak Khare, Sananda Kundu pp. 130-137
Landslide Hazard Zonation of Lunglei Town, Mizoram, India Using High Resolution Satellite Data PDF
R.K Lallianthanga, Z. D. Laltanpuia pp. 148-159
Influence of Micro-Climate Parameters on Natural Vegetation – A Study on Orkhon and Selenge Basins, Mongolia, Using Landsat-TM and NOAA-AVHRR Data PDF
Murali Krishna Gurram, Oyuntuya Sharavjamts, Nooka Ratnam Kinthada pp. 160-172
GIS Based Groundwater Quality Assessment in Tuticorin District Tamilnadu, India PDF
Ramesh Pandian R., Sashik Kumar M.C. pp. 173-182
Evaluating Impact of Coal Mining Activity on Landuse/Landcover Using Temporal Satellite Images in South Karanpura Coalfields and Environs, Jharkhand State, India PDF
Akshay Kumar, Arvind Chandra Pandey pp. 183-197
Selection of Potential Sites for Solar Energy Farms in Ismailia Governorate, Egypt using SRTM and Multicriteria Analysis PDF
Hala Adel Effat pp. 205-220
ASTER DEM Based Studies for Geological and Geomorphological Investigation in and around Salbardi Fault of Betul District (M.P.) and Amaravati District (M.S.), India PDF
B. S. Manjare, Suyog Anil Jagtap pp. 221-226
Modern Geomatical Applications for Cadastral Reform: The Italian Case PDF
Gabriele GARNERO, Flavio Celestino FERRANTE pp. 232-242
Water Management Problems Associated with Urban Sprawl in Gharbia Governorate, Egypt Using Remote Sensing and GIS PDF
Salwa F. Elbeih, Adel A. Shalaby, Ahmed M. Bahy El Deen pp. 243-259
Terrestrial Laser Scanning: Application for Measuring of Structures Information in Geological Outcrops PDF
Marcelo Kehl de Souza, Maurício Roberto Veronez, Francisco M. W. Tognoli, Luiz Gonzaga da Silveira Jr., Leonardo Campos Inocencio, Reginaldo Macedônio da Silva, Rudi César Comiotto Modena pp. 260-270
Assessment of Meteorological Drought for Chittar Sub-basin Using Geographical Information System PDF
M.C. Sashikkumar, O. Ganesh Babu pp. 271-279
Drought Analysis Using Digital Image Processing & Meteorological Data PDF
Surendra Singh Choudhary, P. K. Garg, S. K. Ghosh pp. 280-302
GIS Analysis of Peri-Urban Agricultural Land Encroachment in (FCT), Nigeria PDF
Etim N. E., Dukiya J. J. pp. 303-315
Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Contourlet Based Fusion and Kernel K-Means Clustering PDF
Venkateswaran K., Kasthuri N., Balakrishnan K., Prakash K. pp. 316-325
Urban Growth, Land Use Changes and Its Impact on Cityscape in Sonipat City Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques, Haryana, India PDF
Sandeep Kumar, Randhir Singh Sangwan pp. 326-332
Mapping of Lineaments in Some Part of Betul District, Madhya Pradesh and Amravati District of Maharashtra, Central India Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques PDF
B. S. Manjare pp. 333-340
Tracing the Changes in the Pattern of Urban Landscape of Dehradun over Last Two Decades using RS and GIS PDF
Sadhana Jain, Sawitree Laphawan, Pradeep K. Singh pp. 351-362
Development of “Biomass-Infosys” Tool for Above Ground Biomass Estimation Using Geo-Informatics PDF
Mintu Medhi, R. Sivakumar pp. 363-373
Simulation of Water Behavior Includes Inundation and Flow on its Streambed Based on GeoSpatial Processing Functions PDF
Hooshang Eivazy pp. 405-424
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Almora Town Area, India PDF
J. S. Rawat, Manish Kumar, Ravindra Nath Pathak pp. 425-432
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Approach for Lithological Discrimination by ASTER Data – A Case Study of Thenkalmalai and Odhimalai Hills, Tamilnadu, India PDF
Kuldeep Singh, K. Rajaprian, M. Vinothkumar, R.S. Kumar pp. 75-83

Review Articles

Inventory of Liquefaction Area and Risk Assessment Region Using Remote Sensing PDF
Shankar Lingam S., Rajchandar Padmanaban, Vinson Thomas pp. 198-204
Location Privacy in Location Based Services: Unsolved Problem and Challenge PDF
Rajchandar Padmanaban pp. 398-404

Short Communications

Structural Evolution of Mainpat Plateau, Surguja District, Central India PDF
S. H. Adil, V. N. Patel, R. K. Trivedi, S. K. Gupta, R. B. Golekar pp. 227-231

Methodology Articles

Application of Thermography Technique for Assessment and Monitoring of Coal Mine Fire: A Special Reference to Jharia Coal Field, Jharkhand, India PDF
J. Pandey, D. Kumar, R. K. Mishra, N. K. Mohalik, A. Khalkho, V. K. Singh pp. 138-147

Case Studies/ Case Reports

Geo-Environmental Analysis Using Multitemporal Satellite Data and GIS Techniques- A Case Study for Bhavani River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India PDF
S. Muthusamy, R. R. Krishnamurthy, M. Jayaprakash, P. Mohana Perumal pp. 110-121
Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Change Detection Study Using Multi Temporal Satellite PDF
Patekar P. R., Unhale P. L. pp. 374-378

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