ASTER DEM Based Studies for Geological and Geomorphological Investigation in and around Salbardi Fault of Betul District (M.P.) and Amaravati District (M.S.), India

B. S. Manjare, Suyog Anil Jagtap


The Salbardi and adjoining area are one of the important elements of the Son Narmada Tapti Lineament. Digital elevation models (DEMs) are more and more used for visual analysis of topography, landforms, as well as modeling of surface processes. DEM of study area is generated from ASTER DEM data of 30m resolution with using software ARC GIS 9.3. The analysis of the remote sensing data with conventional studies and sufficient ground truth information makes probable to recognize and delineate the various ground features such as geology, structures, geomorphological features and their characters. This study is an attempt to delineate the geomorphology in and around Salbardi and adjoining area of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra states, using integrated approach of Remote Sensing and GIS techniques especially ASTER DEM by observing the elevation, aspect, slope, lineament, and shaded relief of images. DEM has been an excellent supplementary information database for interpretations in the present study area along with other data.


ASTER DEM, GIS, Geomorphology, Remote Sensing

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