Urban Growth, Land Use Changes and Its Impact on Cityscape in Sonipat City Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques, Haryana, India

Sandeep Kumar, Randhir Singh Sangwan


Urban growth of Sonipat city within the last 42 years is observed through MC map of different time which points out the dramatic change in the cityscape. The land use change is based on satellite imagery of LISS-III 2002 and 2011. Land use/land cover classification is based on supervised classification. Supervised classification was performed for the four major land use/land cover category; built-up area, agricultural land/vegetation, open/bare land and water bodies through Eradas 9.0. Arc GIS 9.3 software is used to prepare the thematic maps. Ground truth observations were also performed to check the accuracy from Google earth. Toposheets at a scale of 1:50000 have been used for geo-referencing the MC map of study area. Census data and MC map have been used to analyse the population growth and areal extension.


Urban Growth; Land Use Changes; Areal Extension and GIS

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