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Variation of Moisture Content as a Parameter of Study by Induced Polarization Technique in Soil Sample of Coastal Andhra Pradesh PDF
E. V. Raghava Rao, R. P. Das, Madhu Chandra Popuri pp. 1-5
Active Force on Retaining Wall Supporting Φ Backfill Considering Curvilinear Rupture Surface PDF
Sima Ghosh, Chirabrata Debnath pp. 6-15
Soil Characteristics and Its Behavior in the Lower Flood Plain of River Daya in Odisha, India PDF
T. K. Lohani, K. P. Dash pp. 16-24
Geohydrological Investigation at Pullampet, Cuddapah District, Andhra Pradesh, India PDF
S. Siddiraju pp. 25-31
Computation of Passive Earth Pressure Coefficients for a Horizontal Cohesionless Backfill Using the Method of Slices PDF
N. Sarath Chandra Reddy, D. M. Dewaikar, Gopal Mohapatra pp. 32-41
Passive Pressure on Retaining Wall supporting c-Φ Backfill using Horizontal Slices Method PDF
Sima Ghosh, Sumen Deb pp. 42-52
Durability Index Test Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Mixed with Natural Aggregate PDF
Suvash Chandra Paul, Gideon P.A.G. Van Zijl pp. 53-64
Image Based 3D Modeling of Campus (Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India) by Using SketchUp PDF
Surendra Pal Singh, Kamal Jain, V. Ravibabu Mandla pp. 65-71
FHWA Model for Predicting Traffic Jam Noise in Varanasi City India PDF
Kanakabandi Shalini, Brind Kumar pp. 81-88
Assessment of Dynamic Groundwater Reserve of Kamarup District Lower Assam, India PDF
A. Bhuvaneswari Devi, Archana M. Nair, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijacear.391) pp. 89-99
Spatial Strategies for Crowd Management in Haridwar, India PDF
Sindhuja Kasthala, Binoy B.V., Harshit S. L akra, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijacear.421) pp. 100-113

Research Report

Design of System for Controlling, Scheduling and Monitoring of Construction Project using System Software PDF
Ramadevi P.V. pp. 72-80

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