Representation of Geochemical Data in Geospatial Domain

Ashok Kumar Joshi, Sisodiya D.S., (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijarsg.66)


Geochemical surveys are integral part of systematic geological survey to cover mineral provinces and geological basin. These surveys have indicated new mineral occurrences in different geological terrains. Large amount of data collected in the field is finally submitted as report in the hard copy format as part of the annual field survey plan. It takes many years to complete the geochemical survey of a geological basin by several parties working on different aspects. Geographical Information System (GIS) facilitates input, editing and display of spatial data collected in various forms (location, traverses, and boundaries) and analyse in most efficient way. However, large amount of geochemical data collected from various sources poses several challenges to represent and analyse the data in a meaningful way. This paper addresses all such difficulties in handling unformatted inputs and most optimal method for display, analysis and integration of geological data from various sources.


Geochemical Exploration; GIS; Remote Sensing; Sakoli Basin

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