Morphometric Analysis of Abdan Basin, Almahfid Basement Rock, Yemen: using Remote Sensing and GIS

Syed Ahmad Ali, Mohsen Alhamed, Umair Ali, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijarsg.47)


To achieve the morphometric analysis of Abdan basin, Survey of Yemen Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board (YGSMRB) topomaps in 1:100000 scales are procured and the boundary line has been extracted by joining the ridge points. The drainage map is prepared with the help of GIS tool and morphometric parameters such as linear, aerial and relief aspects of the basin have been determined. For detailed study we used SRTM data for preparing DEM, elevation and slope map. GIS was used to estimate the linear, aerial and relief aspects of morphometric parameters. The result indicate that the drainage area is 922.933 km2, perimeter 163.115 km, basin length 54.156 km, drainage texture 1.974, constant of channel maintenance 1.145, the stream frequency 0.349, drainage density 0.873, length over flow 0.572. Mean bifurcation ratio 4.355 so the drainage pattern has not been disturbed by structural disturbance. Form factor 0.315 and circulatory ratio 0.436 indicate that the basin is sub-circular to elongate in shape.


Abdan Basin; Almahfid Basement; Geographic Information System; Morphometry

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