Assessment Integration of GF-1 MSS Multispectral and PAN Panchromatic China satellite Images for Producing Image Map and Updating Information Content in Egyptian Map Scale 1:25 000

Ahmed Ibrahim Ramzi, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijarsg.37)


The investigation of interpretability of panchromatic satellite image GF-1 integrated with multispectral image with the purpose of producing image map and updating Egyptian topographic map topo has been described. A main objective of this research is to evaluate china GF-1 images for producing and updating topographic maps. The study has been chosen the area of the topographic map sheet at the scale of 1:25000 located in Cairo Governorates and made in 1977 and updated in 1990. In this study, the high resolution GF-1 MSS and PAN satellite images covering Cairo City, Egypt have been used. The proposed methodology based on producing image sheet map and evaluation updating topographic maps according to Egyptian specifications using GF-1 MSS, GF-1 PAN and the integration of GF-1 MSS and PAN. Results are discussed with reference to the specifications required for the scale 1: 25 000 Egyptian topographic maps. The results of these evaluations show that integration of GF-1 MSS and PAN images, from the point of geometric accuracy and Information content have the capability of 1:25,000 scale maps revision with difficulties in identification and extraction some features can be completed using other mapping methods.


GF-1 Satellite Image; Image Map; Topographic Map Updating; Satellite Images; Feature; Extraction

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