Decadal Change in Glacier Area in the Chorabari Sub Watershed

Asha Thapliyal, Anju Panwar, Sanjeev Kimothi, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijarsg.294)


This area looks at glacier area change in Chorabari Sub Watershed for 1962-1990 and 2000-2016 periods. Study area of Chorabari Sub Watershed extends between the latitudes of 28º-31ºN to longitudes 77º-81°E. Chorabari Sub Watershed is the part of Mandakini basin and it has total number of 40 glaciers covered an area of 81.64 km2 with the ice reserve of 5.9856 km2. The reduction in the glacier area has been observed on the lateral side of Chorabari glacier and not on the snout position. Overall reduction in the basin glacier area was observed 1.23 km2 during the year 1990 to 2016. In addition, this paper describes a method for estimating the ice surface elevation changes using the SRTM (2000) and elevation data generated from topographic maps (1962) to quantify the ice thickness change for the 1962-2000 periods.


Glacier; Ice thickness; Moraine-dammed lakes; Sub-watershed

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