Design Process and Its Application on the Improvement (Re-Design) of the Coke Bottle

Soumik Halder, Debojyoti Ganguly, Vijay Pratap Singh, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijapt.23)


Profitability of a product depends upon the supply chain as well as its acceptability to the end user in a good condition i.e. unspoiled and undamaged. The primary function of packaging of a product is to ensure the product for safe transit. The secondary function of packaging is to make it attractive to the customer and act as ‘silent sales person’. Here in this research work a hypothetical design project was undertaken upon 2ltr package of Coca Cola party/family bottles. Accordingly, a market research was carried out on the design of the bottle. Based on the market research a design possibility is planned and proposed for doing some modification on the Coca Cola family bottle. Finally the prototype of the bottle is developed in institute studio.


Consumer; Design Methods; Ergonomics; Form; Graphics; Packaging; User Interface

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