Durability Index Test Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Mixed with Natural Aggregate

Suvash Chandra Paul, Gideon P.A.G. Van Zijl


Recycling of old concrete is an efficient way of minimizing environmental hazards caused by construction and demolition waste (C&DW). The quality of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) may sometimes cause major problems in structures which need to be resolved before being used. Damage caused to concrete by hostile agents can be a reason for the rapid deterioration of materials, and which can even cause permanent failure of the structure. Factors which negatively affect the durability of concrete are corrosion of steel due to depassivation by carbonation, insufficient concrete cover (some cases too small cover of concrete helps early corrosion of reinforcement), chloride penetration, freezing and thawing, presence of salt and the action by chemicals in the mixing water. This paper describes the durability performance of 100% natural aggregate (NA) and 30% replacement of RCA with it. It was found that there are no major changes in durability properties when 30% RCA was replaced to NA.


Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA), Durability Index Test

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