Adjustment to Oil Saturation Estimate Due to Various Reservoir Drive Mechanisms

Okotie Sylvester, Ikporo Bibobra


Fluid distribution in the reservoir is an important factor when planning for an oil and gas field development but cannot be done without saturation values within the reservoir. It must also be carefully monitored to optimize reservoir management, and delay gas or water coning. As fluid is produced from the reservoir, the saturation value changes depending on the nature of the drive mechanism, leaving some oil in un-drained compartments called residual oil. Recovery of this residual oil is at present a big challenge for many oil companies and there is a continuous search for a cheap and efficient technology that can help in its recovery. Hence, developed in this study is software “SATEST” to estimate the adjustment to oil saturation due to the various reservoir drive mechanisms and also validated with a commercial tool “MBal”. Result obtained showed a difference of 0.22% on average.


Drive Mechanisms; Fluid Distribution; Field Development Plan; Saturation; Residual Oil Saturation; Rock Wettability; Oil Recovery

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