Application of Phased MIMO Radar Technology for AWACS System

Vidya Sawant


Phased Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (PMIMO) radar is currently an active area of research. The MIMO technique well studied and developed over the years exploits the multipath environment to its benefit for providing reliable and faster communication. Incorporating the MIMO concept in radar design to provide independence between the transmitted signals with each transmit antenna transmitting orthogonal signal provide distinct advantages over the phased array system with respect to the maximum number of targets that could be uniquely identified, increased degree of freedom, higher angular resolution, better parameter identifiability and RCS estimation. However the system lacked the coherent processing gain feature that allowed beam steering in phased array radar. MIMO technique applied to the traditional Phased array radar was investigated and was found to offers numerous advantages over both the phased array radar system and the MIMO radar. The goal of this paper is to elucidate the key concepts of the MIMO radar and PMIMO radar technology that can be incorporated in an Airborne Warning and Control System as an improved and alternative radar arrangement.


Phased MIMO Radar; Beamforming; Coherent Processing Gain; Collocated Antennas

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