Analysis of Electrical Characteristics of Solar Cell Employing Matlab/Simulink

Ravi Kant Rajan, C. Bhuvaneswari, P. Natarajan, G. Venkatesan, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaee.426)


t The main objective of this paper is to find out the various electrical characteristics of solar cell. The main characteristics of solar cell are I-V and P-V characteristics, these two characteristics we are going to find by employing Matlab/Simulink. The exact curve of I-V and P-V are quite difficult to get manually; however, it is possible through the Matlab/Simulink. There are many approaches to find out the electrical characteristics of solar cell in Matlab/Simulink. In that we followed one circuit which is designed by us, shown and discussed below and the required curves are plotted with the help of Matlab/Simulink.


Matlab/Simulink Software; Maximum power point; Mathematical model; Solar cell

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