6LoWPAN Based Wireless Sensor Network to Monitor Temperature

Sree Lakshmi Ele, Madhusudana Rao Kothari, Devi Naga Nandini Kota


In today's world we are faced with different types of emergencies in the environment predicting the risks such as sudden raise in atmospheric temperatures. Response to such emergencies is critical in order to protect various natural resources. Therefore, we need an emergency response system which is easy to deploy and can report these emergencies to the users or local communities in various ways, such as pop-ups on a computer screen, SMS to their cell phones and so on. During the last few years, significant advances in embedded hardware and software technologies are driving down rapidly the cost of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and allow large scale WSN deployments for various applications to become viable. The present study elaborates the use of 6LoWPAN based WSN to monitor the changes in room and human body temperature and suggests that the same can be deployed to detect the sudden changes in temperature in inaccessible areas.


6LoWPAN; Internet of Things; WSN; Temperature Sensor

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