Towards a Development and Deployment Stack Based Academic Cloud Solution

Manas Ranjan Biswal, S. Senthil Kumar, P. K. Behera


In a scenario where universities lack of hardware and software resources, faces difficulties to grow independently, though they are self-sustained through man power that comprises of student community, research scholars, project year students, fellowships. Lack of which academics face many intricacies like project stack creation, completion, evaluation of existing as well as new technologies. Which also prevents technology transfer between academicians, as outcomes of the methods applied could hardly show to the interested audience. To overcome these troubles, a cloud based Open Infrastructure has been described. The infrastructure will fulfil different academic IT needs as well as provides a platform for case study for researchers in areas like database, storage, performance tuning, networking, virtualization etc.


Virtualization; Cloud; Storage; Networking; Live Migration; Storage Migration; Monitoring

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