Atmospheric Influences on Bleaching and Paling Events Occurred at Lakshadweep Reef System during 2010 and 2011

R. Ranith, M. Machendiranathan, L. Senthilnathan, A. Saravanakumar, T. Thangaradjou


Last few decades were evident with an increase in frequency and intensity of bleaching events at different reef systems around the globe. The present work was carried out to disseminate the importance of atmospheric variables in inducing bleaching and coral reef degradation at Lakshadweep system. SST, UVR, cloud fraction and water vapor content was obtained from MODIS aqua and TOMS and interpreted with stress response to identify their influence in coral bleaching at Kavaratti and Agatti islands during 2010 and 2011. Results indicates that in Lakshadweep reef system water vapor positive feedback do have more influence in causing coral bleaching when compared with previously established cloud shading theory. This study is also an evidence for the integrated influence of stressors in causing bleaching when compared to the influence of single parameter alone.


Coral Reef; Lakshadweep; Bleaching; Water Vapor Feedback

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