An Open Source Free Downloadable GUI Based Image Processing Software for Performing Various Mathematical and Statistical Operations on Remote Sensing Images

Hari Shanker Srivastava, Santvana Nigam (doi:


Effective interpretation of remote sensing images acquired by space borne and air borne sensors requires various mathematical and statistical operations to be applied to them. Importance of use of various mathematical and statistical operations on Remote Sensing Images enhances manifold if the research/project work requires analysis of large number of these images. A large number of commercial image processing software are available in the market to support the requirement of implementation of various Mathematical and Statistical operations on remote sensing images. However, the cost of commercial software is very high; therefore, they are not affordable by schools and few institutes where sufficient funding is not available. Looking at the requirement of a freely available image processing software to perform various mathematical and statistical operations on large number of remote sensing images or a multi-band image, a GUI based image processing software has been developed to help those who want to work and explore remote sensing data but doesn't have sufficient funds to purchase costly software. Based upon the objective of the software, the name of the software has been decided as MASC (Mathematical and Statistical Calculator). This paper is about 'MASC' GUI which performs operations similar to 'mathematical and statistical operations on various bands' tool of some of the commercially available software. 'MASC' software is very useful in image enhancement and interpretation. The aim of this paper is to explain the various features of 'MASC' software. It is developed in MATLAB 2013a along with some java libraries whose functions are incorporated with the MATLAB code to enhance the look and field of the GUI and make it user friendly.


Band Calculator; Binary Image Formats; Expression Evaluator; gain and offset; MASC Software; MATLAB

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