Groundwater Modeling of Huzur Tehsil, M.P Using GIS Techniques

Vimal Shukla, Jyoti Sarup (DOI:


Huzur Tehsil, district Bhopal city in the Madhya Pradesh state of India has faced the problem of groundwater availability in recent times believed largely due to rapid urbanization coupled with the presence of increasing Population and the urban sprawl increase the number of bores well in earth, which is the reason to the declination of groundwater level. That means water is very important for the sustained use of natural resources and is vital for the existence of mankind. Groundwater used for a variety of purposes, including irrigation, drinking, and manufacturing. For assessing the groundwater Level suitability zones through GIS techniques, this study was undertaken in the Huzur Tehsil, Bhopal district, Madhya Pradesh. Artificial recharge is expected to become increasingly necessary in the future as the growing population requires more water and thus, more storage is required to conserve water for use in times of shortage. Geospatial techniques employing Geographical information systems (GIS) are increasingly being used in the field of hydrology and water resources development. This is the greatest advantage of using GIS techniques for Groundwater level (bore well) investigations and monitoring is its ability to generate information in water level behavioral conditions, which is provided very critical for successful analysis, prediction, and validation. In the present study, the Kriging technique was used to interpolate the groundwater levels. Interpolation of pre and postmonsoon groundwater levels was carried out for the year 1996-2017. Finally, we generated the fluctuation maps were showing the fluctuation in the pre-post monsoon period between the years, 1996-2000, 2001-2005, -2010 and 2011-2017 and Long term trend fluctuation maps were generated showing, and finally, Feature Projected Groundwater Level map are generated 2018-2051 period, and showing the Groundwater Level trend (1996-2051) since. For visualization groundwater level depth (mbgl) and Fluctuation, in the pre and post-monsoon period, showing the 3D Surface modeling using Matlab tools.


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