Evaluating the Performance of Coconut Fiber and Wood Straw as Cushioning Materials to Reduce Injuries of Papaya and Mango during Transportation

Clívia Danúbia Pinho da Costa Castro, José de Assis Fonseca Faria, Tiago Bassani Hellmeister Dantas, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijapt.10)


For the purpose to explore more ecologically sound alternatives as cushioning materials to protect fruits against injury during transport, the objective of the research was to evaluate the performance of coconut fiber and wood straw during the simulated transport of papayas and mangoes. Tests were carried out to simulate the transport of fruits in corrugated paperboard boxes in three different packaging systems: (1) with no cushioning, (2) with coconut fiber and (3) with wood straw. Physical and physiological behaviors of papaya and mango throughout transport and storage period were studied, and the rate of injuries, weight loss, skin color and respiration rate were quantified. The results showed that the coconut fiber was more efficient than wood straw in the prevention of pulp injuries, but not in prevention of abrasions on papaya surface. In mangoes, no significant differences were found between the two cushioning materials.


Natural Fiber; Cushioning; Transport Packaging; Fruit Injuries

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