Effect of Wet-Dry Cycles on Compressive Strength and Impact Properties of New Softwood Pallets

Siripong Malasri, Mallory Harvey, Robert Moats, James Aflaki, Ali Pourhashemi, Griselda Matos Martinez, Patrick Held


Wood pallets are often put in circulation for several years. In a pallet’s lifetime it goes through several wet-dry cycles. In this study, softwood pallet specimens were compressed statically and impacted at different water contents through an accelerated drying process for three repeated wet-dry cycles. A static compressive strength test was performed along the grain of pallet stringers to avoid the effect of loadings in different grain directions. Instead of using the standard drop test from a drop tester, an incline impact test was performed to obtain more consistent impact accelerations. Impact data was recorded by a shock recorder to simplify the set up for the experiment. This study has found that there is no significant effect of the wet-dry cycles on static compressive strength and impact acceleration.


Mechanical Properties; Softwood Wooden Pallets; Wet-dry Cycles; Static Compressive Strength; Impact Accelerations

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