Product Protection and Packaging Operations Improvement

Benjamin Knighton, Alexander Brown, Carl Gordy, Zachery Tabor, Hamoud Alhajri, Mona Al Assi, Deliya Duckworth, Siripong Malasri, Eli Cloud, Alison Chesney, Leslie McAbee, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijapt.443)


Thistle & Bee is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to help women who have survived prostitution and trafficking thrive. The goal of this project is three-fold: (1) Product protection, (2) Environmental friendliness, and (3) Process improvement. This was a service-learning project that aligns with CBU’s mission. CBU prepares its students with a slogan “Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.”

Product protection was done at both product and packaging levels. Environmental-friendly materials were chosen, and shipping box sizes were optimized. Process improvement included efficiency for manual operations and cost reduction. Various studies were performed, including an impact study of honey jars and a granola tray, as well as shock absorption of different cushioning materials.

The following recommendations were made:  Using single-faced corrugated wrap around honey jars to separate glass jars.  Using biodegradable peanuts to tighten up gift packs in shipping corrugated boxes.  Using an optimum shipping corrugated box.  Using crinkle paper as cushion in gift pack.  Using paper labels to secure the lid of granola plastic tray


s Packaging Improvement; Sustainability; Protection; Service Learning

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