Comparative Analysis of Trends of Cyber Crime Laws in USA and India

Rajlakshmi Wagh


Today’s Global era needs laws governing fast paced cyber crime. The popularity of on-line transaction is on the rise thereby having attempts made by unscrupulous entities to defraud internet users. The modus operandi may be in the form of Hacking, Spoofing, Pornography, Scanners, Device, Fake card and the like. The Educational sectors, Defense sector, Law Enforcement Bodies, Bank sectors are exposed to risk as the information sought usually includes data such as username, passwords, bank account and credit card number, revelation of which is huge loss for not only every individual but also the state at large. The paper is an analysis of the USA Laws for Cyber Crime with a comparative analysis with the Indian Laws. The aim is to analyze the conviction rate in cyber crime with comparison to both the countries and suggest various remedies.


Statutes; Offences; Sections; Conviction

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