Active Force on Retaining Wall Supporting Φ Backfill Considering Curvilinear Rupture Surface

Sima Ghosh, Chirabrata Debnath


The evaluation of active earth pressure coefficient for safe design of retaining wall constructed to retain the supporting material at different elevation on two sides is one of the most important parameter. In this paper an effort has been made to provide an analytical expression for static active earth pressure acting on inclined rigid retaining wall considering non-linear failure surface by applying the horizontal slice method and limit equilibrium principle which gives more general solution compared to linear kind of failure surface. Considering curvilinear rupture surface the effect of wide range of parameters like angle of internal friction (Φ), angle of wall friction (δ), wall inclination angle (α), surcharge loading (q) are taken in to account to evaluate the static active earth pressure co-efficient. The results are presented in terms of static active earth pressure co-efficient and compared with the available solutions.



Active Earth Pressure, Φ Backfill, Rigid Retaining Wall, Wall Inclination, Curvilinear Rupture Surface

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